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Your Course On Your Customers' Smartphone

Customers want on-demand learning - anytime, anywhere. Deliver an unparalleled learning experience with the Digimentor24 App by Digistore24 - inspire your customers effortlessly at no extra costs.

Test the App FREE for 30 Days With Digibiz24 Premium or Platinum
Test the App FREE With Digibiz24 Premium or Platinum
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Your customers' success is your key to online success!

Digibiz24 App - Biete top Lernerfahrungen

Offer top learning experiences

With the app you will turn strenuous education into an enjoyable learning experience.

Digibiz24 App - Erhalte zufriedene Kunden

Get satisfied customers

An enjoyable learning experience leads to happy customers.

Digibiz24 App - Mache Kunden zu Stammkunden

Turn customers into regulars

Happy customers lead to repeat purchases and organic referrals.

What you get with the Digimentor24 App:

Digibiz24 App: Your customers learn anywhere, anytime

Your customers learn anywhere, anytime

  • Download content for offline learning
  • Your customers can learn on-the-go
  • Fully immersive mobile learning experience

Your courses are synced automatically

  • Effortless setup with seamless integration to your Digibiz24 courses
  • Multi-device learning means your customers pick up where they left off
  • An unparalleled learning experience with the latest in technology
Digibiz24 App: Your courses are synched automatically
Digibiz24 App: Your courses are synched automatically

Your course material is protected

  • Protect your content from illegal downloads & screenshots
  • Your material is safe on desktop & mobile
  • Never worry about piracy

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Test now 30 days for free!

Test the App FREE for 30 Days With Digibiz24 Premium or Platinum
Test the App FREE With Digibiz24 Premium or Platinum

3 simple steps to your own app:

Subscribe to Digibiz24

Digibiz24 by Digistore24 empowers users to create custom sales funnels, membership areas, and websites. All Digibiz24 Platinum and Premium users get the App, at no extra cost.

Publish your online course

Your content is protected from piracy and syncs automatically with the app.

Share the app with your customers

Your customers use the app for free. They access your courses in real-time via your membership area.

This is what online entrepreneurs like you say about the Digimentor24 App 

Andre Göttler

Speaker & Initiator

"Our business is increasingly shifting to the smartphone. With the Digimentor24 App, customers can finally use our courses on their smartphones without any setup effort."


Daniel Siemon

Founder & managing director KMS onLine Media Manufaktur

"With the Digimentor24 App, customers literally always have our products in their pockets! They can access our products anywhere and even offline - this way we are one step ahead of our competitors."


Nicola Herrmann

Nutritionist, midwife and author

"In the past, the mobile version of my courses was cumbersome and time-consuming. Today, thanks to the new Digimentor24 App, my customers can learn from anywhere without any problems or effort.



The big difference to many other education apps is that as a Digibiz24 Premium user you can provide the App to your customer 100% free of charge. There is no setup required on your end and your customers can simply download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store - free of charge!With the App, your customers can access your website anytime, anywhere and even offline. This way you create a phantastic and smooth learning experience for your customers.

Yes! Your customers will learn with the app exactly when and where they want to learn - on-the-go, in a train, on a plane, even without Wi-Fi. And when they need to switch their device, they can pick up exactly where they left off. This makes learning more fun.

Digibiz24 and the Digimentor24 App are developed by Digistore24. An in-house development team has been developing top software solutions since 2012, which have made a name for themselves by continuous 100% availability and reliability. Your data and the data of your customers are protected in accordance with the GDPR and are only processed via hack-proof servers.

The clear advantage is that the Digimentor24 App also works without an internet connection and your customers can have a smooth learning experience - without interruptions.

With the free Digimentor24 App, you can set yourself apart from other online course providers, because you will be at the cutting edge of technology. But that only works, if you are one of the first. Use this competitive advantage and get Digibiz24 Premium!

The Digimentor24 App works completely without internet connection. If you make changes to your online courses (e.g. add new lectures), the update automatically synchronizes with the app. This means that your customers always have the latest content on all of their devices. For you this means less updating effort!

The Digimentor24 App is the perfect customer loyalty tool if you want to provie your valuable knowledge as a coach, consultant or expert in a protected membership area and want to be reassured that your contents are protected from illegal distribution.

The Digimentor24 App is so stable and powerful because it was developed by the team behind Digistore24 and Digibiz24, which works at the highest standards. Our standards ensure that the app is available anytime and anywhere and that your customers can learn undisturbed and have a great leraning experience.

With Digibiz24 Premium you not only get a free education app for your customers, but also a highly effective sales funnel, landing page and membership area builder with the best connection to Digistore24. We create a solution that gives you all the tools you need for your online business. This gives you a powerful software where all functions are perfectly coordinated - this saves you time, money and nerv cells in your daily work.

Very simple! Get a Digibiz24 Premium or Platinum subscription, upload your courses to Digibiz24, done! Your content will be automatically synchronized with the app. You don't have to do anything more.

Get the APP
in a package with Digibiz24:
Test now 30 days for free!

Test the App FREE for 30 Days With Digibiz24 Premium or Platinum
Test the App FREE With Digibiz24 Premium or Platinum
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